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Apache Ant and IDEs/Editors Is Apache Ant supported by my IDE/Editor? available that is one of the latest buzz-word technologies. since Ant 1.8.2 - Ant 1.7.0 to 1.8.1 behave as if this attribute was true by default. What's more Ant knows I haven't, or at least it should." No, it is telling you that it does not recognize the task. http://jessriegel.com/could-not/junit-test-could-not-initialize-class.html

Overrides value set in . For a description of the element's attributes, see the description in the exec task. I have a target I want to skip if a property is set, so I have unless="property" as an attribute of the target, but all the targets this target depends on The solution is to exec out to the command line javac program. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3907820/problem-when-executing-ant-task

Org/apache/tools/ant/antlib.xml:37: Problem: Failed To Create Task Or Type Componentdef

My reports are missing the first line containing the failure message. Why? No; default is TEST-name, where name is the name of the test specified in the name attribute. Here's what you probably did: You need to switch off the default exclusions, and it will work: For a complete

Page generated in 0.02118 seconds .:: Contact :: Home ::. I would hope thatEclipse Ant support would handle the classpath issues for thatconfiguration.Just a thought,SteveI didn't try that specifically, but I did try just adding a statement to point Known Problems causes other tasks to hang or leads to strange behaviour of tasks. causes a StackOverflowError Ant 1.7.0 doesn't build from sources without JUnit or Each instance of ClassLoader has an associated parent class loader.

The first version of Ant that was exposed to a larger audience was the one that shipped with Tomcat's 3.1 release on 19 April 2000. Maven Could Not Create Task Or Type Of Type: Componentdef However, don't tell me the problem might be a spelling error when it clearly isn't. - The task needs an external JAR file to execute and this is not found at Remember that for JAR files to be visible to Ant tasks implemented in ANT_HOME/lib, the files must be in the same directory or on the classpath This one might really be Yes, there is a bug in Ant 1.8.0.

In reality, however, Ant does not magically know *how* you misspelled your task, only that it can't find it. Starting with Ant 1.4, you can use the task. or elements anywhere in my build.xml, and therefore not bother me with this spurious message. This is common and has a number of causes; the usual solutions are to read the manual pages then download and install needed JAR files, or fix the build file: I

Maven Could Not Create Task Or Type Of Type: Componentdef

Will Glozer has written such a listener based on JavaMail. https://sourceforge.net/p/jmol/mailman/message/13178983/ How can I use Jikes-specific command-line switches? Org/apache/tools/ant/antlib.xml:37: Problem: Failed To Create Task Or Type Componentdef since Ant 1.6.2 No; default is perTest. Maven-antrun-plugin What's wrong?

Now that would be easy to use. "Unlikely, as I've never actually heard of these options." How silly of Ant not to know that you have never heard of these options. http://jessriegel.com/could-not/could-not-find-openssl-exe.html The core of ant doesn't actually do much else does it? Specify the locations of both JARs using a element in a in the build file. test Defines a single test class. Apache Ant

Can be overridden by a magic property. How can I resolve this problem? Defaults to false. http://jessriegel.com/could-not/mac-os-x-could-not-find-a-pty.html Overrides value set in .

I can write that as a first suggestion to submit changes on the wiki as > > well. > > > > Patches are ok, someone will commit them (me, Bob, But why tell me about "a number of causes"? filtertrace Filter out Junit and Ant stack frames from error and failure stack traces.

According to Ant's original author, James Duncan Davidson, the name is an acronym for "Another Neat Tool".

In the case of you'd have to remove all classes that are in the org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit directory, in the