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https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/node.js/ share|improve this answer answered Feb 21 '13 at 22:10 nolazybits 302115 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google I mean for Windows Vista and Windows 7 we have to run "rebaseall" command. I'm using VirtualBox running a Debain guest system to locally develop on my Windows 7 machine. Pingback: Node.js: Présentation, installation et prise en main « MKLog.fr Igor said on December 27, 2010 at 10:30 pm: How to deal with node.js installing? Source

nickradford commented Aug 5, 2011 Ah, my bad, I missed the line after the code block. In case if you are wondering why we need curl, it is used for installing npm, the Node Package Manager.$./configureChecking for program g++ or c++ : not foundChecking for program icpc Thanks for writing this up. Thanks for the note anyway. :) davidthewatson commented Aug 18, 2011 Note that when installing Xcode via lion's app store, you must run the installer post the app store install, which i thought about this

After smashing my head for the 10th time against a wall i just stopped trying and found a much cleaner solution. Hallman633412|There is a package for it on launchpad.https://launchpad.net/~chris-lea/+archive/node.js/ |  this answeranswered Feb 21 '13 at 22:10zeflasher18715| 相关推荐:How to yum install Node.JS on Amazon Linux& NPM from source. Can もとい be used as a noun describing the correction or the fact of correction? Install Node.js on CentOS Posted on December 8th, 2011 under Linux, Node.js Tags: CentOS, Linux, node.js How to install Node.js on CentOSInstalling Node.js on CentOS is slightly different from installing on

First off, many thanks for taking the time to work out this procedure. Make sure OpenSSL development package s are installed. Make sure OpenSSL development packages are installed. Yes, normally on Cygwin it has been possible to build node.js just as you would on any UNIX system, but that is no longer possible on Windows 7.

How to replace not found reference "??" in an another constant e.g "REF"? Disable it? Checking for openssl : not foundIf you need to install node at a certain location, you can do it this way:$ ./configure --prefix=$HOMEOnce the dependencies are taken care of, we will Related 1267How do I get started with Node.js1Problems building node.js on Cygwin, please help0Installing node.js on Windows cygwin error15Cygwin vs Linux Virtual Machine for Development?2NVM fails to install any version of

imerovic said on March 23, 2011 at 9:54 pm: @shiva repo address is changed to git://github.com/joyent/node.git Confused said on April 25, 2011 at 1:35 am: When I enter ./configure, I get Do I need to edit each of the aforementioned .PY files so that they point to the correct folders? Twitter GitHub http://node-js.prcn.co.cc/ This way you actually don't need to bother with Cygwin.

Published with WordPress. Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Vance said on May 19, 2011 at 4:00 am: I couldn't get the ‘make' command to complete successfully, here's a warning message I got: cygwin warning: MS-DOS style path detected: C:/GNUstep/mingw/include Vishal Sharma said on February 18, 2012 at 9:40 am: Hi Friends, I got below error while running a "make" command from cygwin terminal.

That includes building node.js. this contact form Th google for compiling node.js for windows they will find your topic.

–AlfredDec 25 '10 at 20:53Thanks for the tip.–Nicholas BlumhardtJan 7 '11 at 23:431Should be worth noting that Nicholas is compiling Tags: install, node.js, ubuntu, linux, compilation, How can I compile/install node.js on Ubuntu? But I suggest to make some improvements to the post.

Installs on Windows are always a problem and it's nice to have a single writeup to work with, It can save hours of googling. followed your steps up to ./configure, and thats where things went off the rails: $ ./configure Checking for program g++ or c++ : /usr/bin/g++ 0 [main] python 5468 C:\cygwin\bin\python.exe: *** fatal You can install express, socket.io and other Node modules in any writable directory. have a peek here Use configure -without-ssl to disable this message. -- Should I worry about that?

Anyhow, Cmd-Space and type "Xcode" and you'll find the installer. How to change the schema of stored procedure without recreating it When hiking, why is the right of way given to people going up? How to install Node.js on Ubuntu Linux Posted on November 19th, 2011 under Linux, Node.js Tags: Install, node.js, npm, Ubuntu Installing Node.js on UbuntuAlthough there is an official Linux installation documentation,

I have updated this article for v0.4.7.

I think you added some info to the question and I can see your problem. How do I answer a question on graduate school applications on textbooks used in my classes, when my class didn't use a textbook? But hey, sometimes you have no choice over what you want. I am glad you solved it Danjah said on May 22, 2011 at 9:24 am: All seemed to go well up until I ran ./configure, I got this output: [email protected] ~/node-v0.4.7

javascript - How do I install, and connect to mongodb in node.js on my remote server (ubuntu)? I know jsmin is there because I'm staring at it, perhaps it's looking in the wrong directory? Dan Hulton Author August 3, 2011 I just tried it again, and it worked fine for me. Check This Out Many thanks, UPDATE1: We managed to make a bit more progress.

And for those that run into the same problem as me when running ./configure (unable to remap C:\cygwin\bin\cygiconv-2.dll to same address as parent) do the following: Make sure you have cygwin/bin Error we get: How to compile/install node.js(could not configure a cxx compiler!) (Ubuntu). If you plan to run node.js in production on a windows system: don't. Share: Author Dan Hulton Related Articles Coding Code faster with simple Sublime Text improvements Coding Rage-quit support for fish shell Coding Gulp.js - an AMAZING build system!

Bit of Googling didn't answer my question unfortunately. Your comment will be queued in Akismet! Use configure --without-ssl to disable this message.Important note: the libssl-dev package of Ubuntu is known as openssl-devel in CentOS.The outlines of the installation process is shown below:$ sudo yum install gcc-c++...$