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Defined in: logger.js. Parameters: val kindOf(scObject, scClass) Same as the instance method, but lets you check kindOf without having to first check if kindOf exists as a method. The "intuitive = familiar" bit was the main point I remembered from it and I re-linked it without rereading it. This function will find the narrowest width (within maxWidth) that keeps the text at the same number of lines it would've normally wrapped to had it simply been put in a http://jessriegel.com/could-not/mac-os-x-could-not-find-a-pty.html

There are now 3 similar access methods: attrs(), classes(), styles() There are now 3 similar add methods: addAttr(), addClass(), addStyle() There are now 3 similar remove methods: removeAttr(), removeClass(), removeStyle() There are now 2 similar reset methods: resetClasses(), resetStyles() Duplicate and inconsistent under 1ms nearly always. c Returns: SC.Error new error instance. Please accept my apologies about that. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6163379/sproutcore-install-could-not-find-rubygem

`to_specs': Could Not Find 'railties' (>= 0)

Start your free trial with Treehouse. Alan Cooper in ‘About Face' reminds us that novice users become moderate users pretty quickly. Does this not stifle innovation?

Defined in: misc.js. Is three knights versus knight really winning? Reply Dylan Schiemann on June 25, 2008 at 4:05 pm said: @Ted: I agree… Alex gave a talk at Google I/O last month, Can We Get There From Here, and he Bundler Could Not Find Compatible Versions For Gem "railties": Defined in: utils.js.

SC.BOTTOM_LOCATION String Defined in: tab.js. Could Not Find 'bundler' (>= 0) Among 13 Total Gem(s) (gem::loaderror) exampleElement The example element to grab styles from, or the style string to use. experimentalCSSNameFor() methods for working with experimental browser properties in a future-proof manner. SC.NON_PIXEL_PROPERTIES list of numeric properties that should not have 'px' appended Defined in: render_context.js.

the animate() function is thoroughly documented now, including notes on how to hardware accelerate position changes. Railties Gem This should remove the guess work about whether a function is or is not supported by the context and make it easier to remember the names and parameters of each method. This makes it easy to show more human readable time spans like "Right now" or "Last week". Is there a package you can grab with all you need to get started?

Could Not Find 'bundler' (>= 0) Among 13 Total Gem(s) (gem::loaderror)

Best of all, it's so simple to add transition plugins, the challenge will be to not overdo it (* seriously, don't overdo the animations. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/sproutcore/HHVPd9Oz1Z8/ixeD3k0fGDAJ You might be saying "Duh. `to_specs': Could Not Find 'railties' (>= 0) Reload to refresh your session. Could Not Find Proper Version Of Railties Just like the other transitions, it is simply a matter of setting the property on the view like so, transitionSwap: SC.ContainerView.PUSH And just like all the plugins, you can easily define

They are essentially porting Mail, Address Book, iPhoto and iCal to the web … but what isn't as well known is that Apple have chosen to use SproutCore for Mobile Me. this contact form SC.TOP_TOOLBAR_LOCATION String Defined in: tab.js. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox. For example, this allows you to toggle canReorderContent to hide or show a drag handle on item views that have isReorderable as a display property. Dependency.rb:315:in `to_specs': Could Not Find 'bundler'

Reply Joseph Crawford on June 26, 2008 at 9:51 pm said: This is really interesting, I will be looking into all of this at some point when I get some time. It was created by the 280North team. One of either: 'padding', 'border' or 'margin' (default: 'border'). have a peek here Defined in: core.js.

This locale is used for localization, etc. Could Not Find Bundler 0 Amongst Parameters: frame maxY(frame) Return the bottom edge of the frame Defined in: utils.js. Name * Email Address (will not be published) * Website Learning to code can be fun!

Parameters: scObject Object the object to check instance of scClass Class the class Returns: Boolean if object1 is instance of class intersectRanges(r1, r2) Returns the intersection of the two ranges or

See the container view transitions in action here. If you're interested, I managed to find a link to the Objective-J source which hasn't been open sourced yet. When calling requestHidden, requestVisible, and withdrawRequest, pass your object as the first argument so that its request can be associated with its GUID. Gem Missingspecerror Defined in: error.js.

SC.DROP_AFTER Number Indicates that the collection view expects to accept a drop AFTER the specified item. Defined in: split_thumb.js. Previously, this would be the layoutStyleCalculator, an internal object of SC.View. http://jessriegel.com/could-not/fvs338-could-not-find.html Defined in: core.js.

SC.DROP_ANY Number Indicates that the collection view want's to know which operations would be allowed for either drop operation. Using these properties you can update your UI to show the progress of the app cache as it loads or when the application is ready for offline state (i.e. It's focus is on small size and performance. For one, this allows for infinite arrays and infinite lists to be possible without using really large numbers that are very slow to hint.

Staying in the same hole for ever for the sake of novice users is not the way to go at all. The plugin architecture is quite simple, so you can create custom child view layouts of your own, but you likely will never need to since the two plugins bundled with SproutCore It's just another example of the "640kb of memory ought to be enough for anybody" short-sightedness. Before, everybody was designer and developer in one, but that made a lot of bad designers and lousy developers.

Defined in: core.js. SC.BLANK_IMAGE_DATAURL URL to a transparent GIF. This is all possible using the browser's application cache, but the complex behavior and states of the application cache make it difficult and time-consuming to work with directly. See: http://unicode.org/reports/tr35/tr35-10.html#Date_Format_Patterns Note that you can only put one (yyyy, MM, dd) per token, but you can put as many tokens as you'd like.

Defined in: range.js. SC.BEST_FIT_DOWN_ONLY String Shrink the shape to fit the frame while maintaining aspect ratio, such that the longest dimension will just fit within the frame. Defined in: logger.js. This is only available in debug mode.

Defined in: core.js. If you have text that's 900 pixels wide on a single line, but pass maxWidth as 800, the metrics that will be returned will specify a height of two lines' worth If true, HTML in your string will not be escaped. This release also includes several memory leak fixes that would have gradually slowed down a previous app.

Defined in: core.js. Objective-J is a clone of Objective-C, the language behind OSX desktop apps. Home Subscribe Free trial IndustryWhy Objective-J, Cappuccino and SproutCore are completely changing the web app industry Ryan Carsonwrites on June 25, 2008 4000Share with your friendsYour NameYour EmailRecipient EmailEnter a MessageI Defined in: core.js.