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Exec-program Output Could Not Obtain Winbind Separator


Currently supported print systems include: # bsd, cups, sysv, plp, lprng, aix, hpux, qnx ; printing = cups # Uncomment this if you want a guest account, you must add this You must not work with the public much. -- Trilby----How to Ask Questions the Smart Way Offline #9 2012-11-17 23:58:10 eherranzr Member Registered: 2011-06-28 Posts: 112 Re: [SOLVED] Fail using Samba I am able to create the kerberos ticket successfully. Default: deadtime = 0 Example: deadtime = 15 debug class (G) With this boolean parameter enabled, the debug class (DBGC_CLASS) will be displayed in the debug header. have a peek at this web-site

As such the algorithmic mapping can't be 'turned off', but pushing it 'out of the way' should resolve the issues. The NIS auto.map entry is split up as %N:%p. I'd use that as a base, and mod as needed.2nd, is basic name resolution working ? Top bodanel Posts: 71 Joined: 2005/10/27 10:28:50 Location: Bucharest Contact: Contact bodanel Yahoo Messenger Re: Samba File Sharing Problems Quote Postby bodanel » 2008/06/13 09:26:36 ; interfaces = lo eth0 news

Could Not Obtain Winbind Interface Details

WARNING: 'workgroup' and 'netbios name' must differ. In reality these never expire but this lifetime controls when the afs client will forget the token. It can be one of CORE, COREPLUS, LANMAN1, LANMAN2, NT1, SMB2_02, SMB2_10, SMB2_22, SMB2_24, SMB3_00 or SMB2_FF. %d the process id of the current server process. %a The architecture of the

The # following example restricts access to two C class networks and # the "loopback" interface. As an example, suppose that there are two domains DOMA and DOMB. Only the first equals sign in a parameter is significant. Checking The Trust Secret For Domain (null) Via Rpc Calls Failed For example that windbind stuff...Are you integrating with AD ?

These addresses are not necessarily present on all nodes simultaneously, but they will be registered with the WINS server so that clients can contact any of the nodes. Could Not Obtain Winbind Domain Name! Rule #3: No BlogSpam / Traffic re-direction. Note that the parameter debug timestamp must be on for this to have an effect. https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/27395/ You should read the # smb.conf(5) manual page in order to understand the options listed # here.

[Samba] ntlm_auth / winbind problem Sylvain Clerc sylv1clerc at gmail.com Fri Apr 15 09:52:56 GMT 2005 Previous message: [Samba] ACL and delete files Next message: [Samba] ntlm_auth / winbind problem Messages Ping To Winbindd Failed The connection was refused. This is not perfect, as it's possible a user could have deleted a file without Samba being able to check the permissions correctly, but it is close enough to Windows semantics Default: client plaintext auth = no client schannel (G) This controls whether the client offers or even demands the use of the netlogon schannel.

Could Not Obtain Winbind Domain Name!

I have now corrected the smb.conf and it looks like this:# This is the main Samba configuration file. http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/279411/kerberos-samba-cant-join-active-directory-debian-8/279494 Here is from radius log: Info: Found Auth-Type = EAP Info: # Executing group from file /usr/local/pf/raddb//sites-enabled/packetfence-tunnel Info: +group authenticate { Info: [eap] Request found, released from the list Info: [eap] Could Not Obtain Winbind Interface Details it does the job... Wbc_err_winbind_not_available when i try to join with debut mode, i can see : Using short domain name -- DOMAIN Joined 'ASP.DOMAIN' to dns domain 'asp.domain' added interface eth0 ip=192.168.1.X bcast= netmask= ads_dns_lookup_ns:

Default: allocation roundup size = 1048576 Example: allocation roundup size = 0 # (to disable roundups) allow dns updates (G) This option determines what kind of updates to the DNS are Check This Out Help me please!! I arrived to authenticate a user yesterday but I can't today and I find it's due to the ntlm_auth . No PDC, no AD, no domain at all. Failed To Call Wbcchecktrustcredentials: Wbc_err_winbind_not_available

This gives timestamps to the messages without adding an additional line. What I need: 802.1x LAN authentication/authorization for Windows PCs. Default: admin users = Example: admin users = jason afs share (S) This parameter controls whether special AFS features are enabled for this share. Source It affects file service smbd(8) and name service nmbd(8) in a slightly different ways.

There is a chicken and egg problem here as this option is set in the config file! Ads Join Did Not Work Falling Back To Rpc Validate Random Die Tippers A Page of Puzzling How would people living in eternal day learn that stars exist? current community chat Unix & Linux Unix & Linux Meta your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

The server does not grant more access than the host system grants.

If the user doesn't have permission to delete the file this will only be discovered at close time, which is too late for the Windows user tools to display an error WARNING: 'workgroup' and 'netbios name' must differ. " dolphin(30742)/kdecore (services) KServicePrivate::init: The desktop entry file "/home/emilio/Descargas/.directory" has Type= "Application" but no Exec line "/usr/bin/dolphin(30742)" Soprano: "Could not connect to server at You have the default_realm set there but you might also want to add dns_lookup_realm = true and dns_lookup_kdc = true in the same [libdefaults] section. –roaima Apr 27 at 9:49 Could Not Obtain Winbind Netbios Name In some circumstances, it prolongs the timeout that Windows uses to determine whether a connection is dead.

The type of these shares is STYPE_DISKTREE_HIDDEN. Section and parameter names are not case sensitive. The [printers] section This section works like [homes], but for printers. have a peek here krb4_config = /etc/krb.conf krb4_realms = /etc/krb.realms kdc_timesync = 1 ccache_type = 4 forwardable = true proxiable = true [realms] ASP.DOMAIN = { kdc = asp.domain admin_server = server.domain default_domain = DOMAIN

The wiki has a decent overview of getting started. smbpasswd is available for backwards # compatibility. It is now no longer equivalent to the dos filemode option. For example this is necessary if you have users from several domain in your AFS Protection Database.

Setting it to 0 (the default) makes Samba block forever, which is the highly recommended default. Typically the path specified is that of a world-writeable spool directory with the sticky bit set on it. These are shares like C$, D$ or ADMIN$. Normally, a Samba server requires that UNIX users are created for all users accessing files on this server.

If enabled, Samba can attempt to use Kerberos to contact servers known only by IP address. Currently I only use it in vlan assignment mode with the snmp and radius modules. In this # setup, the directory should be writable by both users and should have the # sticky bit set on it to prevent abuse. In order to successfully execute the add share command, smbd requires that the administrator connects using a root account (i.e.

Don't use this # if you already have a Windows NT domain controller doing this job ; domain master = yes # Preferred Master causes Samba to force a local browser The %m gets replaced with the netbios name # of the machine that is connecting. # Note: Consider carefully the location in the configuration file of # this line. case sensitive (S) See the discussion in the section name mangling.