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Exectask Version Could Not Be Fetched From Node


Retry the installation4. And a message in cvutrace.log like "ksh: CVU_10.2.0.2_dba/exectask.sh: cannot execute" Now its is clear that oracle is not able to execute exectask.sh and cheking the permission and ownership of exectask.sh: $CRS_HOME/cv/remenv Saurabh Sood Reply Theetha says: 5 December, 2008 at 4:31 pm Hey Saurabh, Usefull stuff..! A SQL below started running in 2.5 sec/execution, and waiting on "GV$: slave acquisition retry wait time". have a peek at this web-site

Can it be done? After that you need to apply two more patches. Transport dbs across platform by using backup sets. g.

Version Of Exectask Could Not Be Retrieved From Node Windows

Did the trick for me. –sloth May 6 '14 at 12:04 add a comment| 14 Answers 14 active oldest votes up vote 7 down vote Looking at Oracle's support site, it Workaround (run as root, and make a backup first) rm /usr/lib/libobk.so rm /usr/lib/sparcv9/libobk.so rm /oracle/$ORACLE_SID/112_64/lib/libobk.so ln -s /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/oracle/bin64/libobk.so /usr/lib/libobk.so ln -s /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/oracle/bin64/libobk.so /usr/lib/sparcv9/libobk.so The above links Default value of _sys_logon_delay 12c parameter is 1. Production: alter system set log_archive_dest_state_2='ENABLE' scope=both; Both : ALTER SYSTEM SET DG_BROKER_START=TRUE scope=both; DGMGRL> ENABLE CONFIGURATION alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size=2G scope=both; --put back the old size If all ok, DROP

Just to test it out, we re-enabled IPv6 and restarted the computer. \\my-computer\c$ failed in the cmd prompt, but tnsping still functioned correctly. To check the node reachability status following query was run: $ $CRS_HOME/bin/cluvfy comp nodecon -n all This will check the internode connectivity for all nodes in the cluster. or Open Windows 'Services' (%windir%\system32\services.msc) - Stop 'OracleRemExecServiceV2' service. - This service should be deleted automatically. - Then try to install the Oracle Client on the same Microsoft Windows x64 (64-bit) Ensure That The Current User Has Required Permissions To Access The Temporary Location Linux Try our newsletter Sign up for our newsletter and get our top new questions delivered to your inbox (see an example).

Verify the integrity of the downloaded software using the below note:Note 549617.1 How To Verify The Integrity Of A Patch/Software Download? [Video]Also the media software should be unzipped in the same Version Of Exectask Could Not Be Retrieved From Node Linux Although the content of the FTH entry is related to the current process of RemoteExecService.exe you can import the registry keys to a system before you start the DB installation. ALTER SYSTEM SET threaded_execution=true SCMN – spawns client processes instead of listener Flash Cache Add flash drives to SGA memory. Targets can be grouped in a "group".

AS OF .... Ins-30131 "linux" Install Oracle using the user you just created. OMS 3. job SYS.PMO_DEFERRED_GIDX_MAINT_JOB kicks in to clean up those ORPHANED_ENTRIES (column in DBA views).

Version Of Exectask Could Not Be Retrieved From Node Linux

Later, maint. page Run prerequsite on OREP 5. Version Of Exectask Could Not Be Retrieved From Node Windows This folders contains shell scripts as fixup.sh.Isolvedmy problem with remove /tmp/CVU_11.* folders both nodes. [ins-30131] Initial Setup Required For The Execution Of Installer Validations Failed. Checking user equivalence...

Before clone of machine I called a time Cluster Verification Utility. Check This Out Measuring Water with a Holey Cube How does ssh run a command? Kindly advise on how to resolve it!Thanks! As far as I know, patch bundle is not applied at our site, and changing of permission is still a mystery for us. Ins 30131 Oracle 12c Linux

Or you can use db link from the destitation: impdp FULL=Y NETWORK_LINK=sourcedb TRANSPORTABLE=always.... SDU is 8K by default for dedicated sessions, 64K for shared, maximum allowed is 2Mb SQLNET.COMPRESSION=ON Data Pump, Loader & External Tables whole db can be transported into another. That will cover WLS admin server, the whole web logic, OMs and webtier configuration files. Source After this it was quite obvious to check the CRS status: $ crsctl check crs CSS appears healthy CRS appears healthy EVM appears healthy $crs_stat -t Name Type Target State Host

Setting the TEMP dir to different directory is of course another possibility instead of installing with another username. Ins-30131 Oracle 12c Windows 10 Re: [INS-30131] Initial setup required for the execution of installer validations failed. Oracle seems to prefer the computer's name.

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Software Lifecycle Management ======================= Roles can be more granular: admin, designer (designs workflows), operators DBA needs to configure the software library, put gold images inside -- OMS and all agents In 11g=> only 1 possible Paralel In-memory on RAC parallel_degree_policy=AUTO It divides segments into chunks and sends them to separate nodes Temporary UNDO In 11g, undo was logged to redo In Re: [INS-30131] Initial setup required for the execution of installer validations failed. Ins-30131 Failed To Access The Temporary Location Linux After changing to less than 15, the installer worked! –XMight Mar 3 at 10:41 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Extending the answer from Y.Ecarri above, Ensure the Server

Redo logging during import can be disabled impdp ... View my complete profile Links Google News Oracle Metalink ARCHIVES March 2006April 2006May 2006June 2006July 2006August 2006September 2006October 2006December 2006January 2007February 2007March 2007December 2007April 2008April 2012June 2013October 2013February 2014July 2014September 2014October Linux and Solaris hosts can be monitored but YaST needs to be installed. http://jessriegel.com/could-not/ibm-could-not-read-value-version-from-key.html why do they give the same output?

The header was correct. share|improve this answer edited Jun 7 '14 at 20:00 Community♦ 11 answered Feb 28 '14 at 16:46 sachinpanwar 74 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Summarized: Oracle under Windows Note: The standby database(s) should not be opened until the primary database upgrade is completed. Push the agent to it 4.

with Sysinternals' ProcessMonitor using an appropriate filter, you can see several crashes (the most of them with "buffer Overflow") and restarts, and there are also corresponding with messages in Windows' "System" Then the Oracle installer finally completed and we were able to tnsping the database server. What's the correct term to describe baby food? That caused another bug.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. What's the difference between ls and la? Action - Ensure that the current user has required permissions to access the temporary location. After this, the Installation process works as expected.

asked 3 years ago viewed 32395 times active 1 year ago Related 1netca failed during installation of Oracle 12c on Windows0[INS-30131]Initial setup required for the execution of installer validations failed. Administrator). Managed by opmnctl process (if we need explicitly to run something). If it does, then kill the process and delete the oraremservice folder.

How to do this: Control Panel --> Network and Sharing Center --> Change adapter settings --> right click on Ethernet Connection --> Properties --> uncheck "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) -->