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Kdeinit Could Not Launch Opt Thunderbird


Apr 5, 2011 I installed Crossover Office Pro (full release) which I used on previous version of opensuse, but now it is installed on opensuse 11.4 64 bits. View 1 Replies View Related Red Hat / Fedora :: USB Driver To Launch Another Program? I have just re-tested Soroosh's original problem and cannot reproduce it with the steps explained. closing kate leads to the dolphin error message KDEInit could not launch '/usr/bin/kate'. http://jessriegel.com/kdeinit-could/kdeinit-could-not-launch-usr.html

Did not receive a reply. View 1 Replies View Related OpenSUSE :: 11.3 Cut And Paste Editor - Launch As Root From The CLI? MELHOR RESPOSTA patrickpcs (usa Nenhuma) Enviado em 16/08/2015 - 00:02h Você mesmo já deu a solução amigo :) Olha, o atalho diz que não pode lançar o firefox na pasta '/usr/lib64/firefox-24.1.0/firefox'..... Thanks. https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=64167

Kdeinit Could Not Launch Firefox

None, the status of the bug is updated manually. But not on my Ubuntu. This is also a fresh new install on a new laptop. View 4 Replies View Related OpenSUSE :: XFCE Launch Error - Thunar ?

Comment on this change (optional) Email me about changes to this bug report kde4libs (Mandriva) Edit New Undecided Unassigned Edit You need to log in to change this bug's status. Re: Problema com atalhos quebrados. [RESOLVIDO] Sorata (usa Slackware) Enviado em 16/08/2015 - 13:47h Obrigado pela ajuda!! ^-^ Consegui consertar o atalho removendo e colocando o novo, ainda não consegui me View 3 Replies View Related OpenSUSE :: Command Option: Launch An Application Minimized & Add To System Tray Nov 30, 2010 1. Kdeinit Could Not Launch '/usr/bin/kate' I doesn't show up in the launch menu.

My setup: Kubuntu 8.10 KDE 4.2 from kubuntu-experimental PPA. Assuming you did not remove the rpm containing krpmview just open the "file associations" tab, track down the entry for x-rpm and select it click the embedding tab If krpmview is Open the file: Right Click -> Open With -> Kate 4. https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/184337 When I click to open Skype, the tray icon will pop up for 1 second and then just disappear.

OpenSUSE :: Huge Black Box Behind Cairo Dock & Desktop Effects Won't Launch? Kdeinit Could Not Launch Chrome You can also subscribe to INDI newsletter and development mailing lists to get the latest updates on INDI! I have been able to get vnc remote connections to work, but the only desktop environment I can get to run twm. Javier Jardón (jjardon) wrote on 2008-07-30: #31 Same issue as Olivier reported here with the KDE 4.1 release.

Kdeinit Could Not Launch Konsole

Create an account Forum INDI Library General KDEInit : could not launch /usr/bin/kstars SOLVED TOPIC: KDEInit : could not launch /usr/bin/kstars SOLVED KDEInit : could not launch /usr/bin/kstars SOLVED 1 year http://linux.bigresource.com/Fedora-KDEInit-could-not-launch-usr-bin-skype-pwBcmcgpo.html There's probably more but I'm just like 10 minutes after installation. Kdeinit Could Not Launch Firefox Bug Watch Updater (bug-watch-updater) on 2008-06-11 Changed in kdebase: status: Unknown → Confirmed Soroosh (sorset) wrote on 2008-06-20: #27 hi recently i receive "KDEInit could not launch 'kate'." in KDE3 when Kdeinit Could Not Launch 'ksystraycmd' Aug 1, 2009 ok I cannot be the only one having this issue?grabbed the latest from mozilla...thunderbird run:./thunderbirdand get this:./thunderbird-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libgtk-x11-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object

View 4 Replies View Related General :: KDEInit Can Not Launch /usr/bin/wine? check my blog where i found following problem to configure:1) no keyboard shortcut to launch a terminal2) my laptops dedicated volume control is not working3) gnome package manager is not there, though i can in terminalfirefox -minimized [URL]That opens firefox but does not minimize...2. Then, suddently, it starts giving this message when launching konsole. Kdeinit Could Not Launch '/usr/bin/google-chrome-stable'

I'm not sure if the fix mentioned would then apply to these steps ? Lydia Pintscher (lydia-pintscher) wrote on 2008-05-12: #23 @Jashan: No big problem. Aug 12, 2010 I recently bought a IOgear USB bluetooth adapter and a Sony DRBT101/BLK bluetooth headphones to use with my computer.Whenever I try to make a call using these headphones this content Aug 25, 2010 How can you launch a graphical program from tty?

Close the file 5. View 2 Replies View Related Fedora :: Driver 260.35 Won't Launch On F13 Stable System? View 5 Replies View Related Fedora X86/64bit :: Get Skype To Work On Skype On X_86 64 Bit 14 Jan 11, 2011 get Skype to work on 64 bit have downloaded

I was able to install from the live CD, and when I checked the DVD, I was able to access all the content.But I haven't a clue how to use it

So I can have a Mac style quick launch bar? Apr 21, 2010 Does anybody know a good option for a Skype based solution that works on Linux? View 8 Replies View Related OpenSUSE Install :: Boots To Blank Screen - Byobu Launch Missing Jun 15, 2011 I've just done a clean install of 11.4 from a Net install I then installed gnome-control-center to get gnome-display-properties so I can adjust my login screen settings.

I just installed Kubuntu 15.04. Distros / Flair are in alphabetical order. I installed midnight commander but it can't cut and paste correctly. have a peek at these guys Tho what do I know and could be wrong just doesn't feel quite there yet. .

Ideal para quem busca auto-ajuda. error title is "Sorry - plasma workspace" in other programms i see this error too. (just in KDE4) Tags: kde4 Edit Tag help James (james-ellis-gmail) wrote on 2008-01-20: #1 I get Hit enter or select entry from list 4. Aug 8, 2010 My first distro was kubuntu, and am now trying Fedora with KDE.

how are these two problems related to the topic title ?Deej Offline #3 2009-01-29 17:44:54 lilsirecho Veteran Registered: 2003-10-24 Posts: 5,000 Re: kde init could not launch /usr/bin/console(Solved) One problem can