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Klauncher Could Not Be Reached Via D Bus Error

https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde4libs/+bug/194317 Comment 2 David Faure 2008-05-09 19:40:12 UTC I get a permission error on that bugs.launchpad.net URL, even though I'm logged in. Gilles Caulier comment:64 in reply to: ↑ 61 Changed 6 years ago by mkae (Marko Käning) Replying to [email protected]…: I actually removed that patch, since upstream has finally fixed it. Digikam appears to work now as well! this problem is major. check over here

Since the KDE upgrade doesn't solve this, I figure it's rather dbus which has to do its homework... There are 2 solutions : Upgrate all ports to last stable KDE 4.5.5 just released (​http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.5.5.php) Downgrade all ports to KDE 4.5.3 which work perfectly. With 4.5.4, all is broken. kate start but report the same problem : kate(2658)/kdecore (kdelibs) getBundle: getBundle(): returning "/Applications/MacPorts/KDE4/kdeinit4.app/Contents/MacOS/kdeinit4" kate(2658): Couldn't start knotify from knotify4.desktop: "KLauncher could not be reached via D-Bus. http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/klauncher-could-not-be-reached-via-d-bus-what-do-i-do-650287/

Having a problem logging in? comment:40 Changed 6 years ago by mkae (Marko Käning) Cc [email protected]… added Cc Me! Edit bug mail Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else Bug attachments pilt3.png (edit) instantánea1.jpeg (edit) Add attachment Remote bug watches kde-bugs #157407 [RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Edit novell-bugs #361509 [RESOLVED DUPLICATE] Edit Bug I think it's not a dbus fault.

If this is reproducible with a freshly created user account, please report this issue to the bug tracker of your distribution. comment:25 Changed 6 years ago by michaelld (Michael Dickens) Cc [email protected]… added Cc Me! kate(2658)/kdeui (KNotification) KNotification::slotReceivedIdError: Error while contacting notify daemon "Failed to execute program /opt/local/bin/knotify4: Unknown error: 0" kdeinit4: (klauncher /opt/local/lib/kde4/libexec/klauncher) Pipe closed unexpectedlykdeinit4: Pipe closed unexpectedly: No such file or directory kdeinit4: I vote to revert to 4.5.3...

Likely we can continue to wait for the next release (4.6) as it's right around the corner. I'll be looking at this patch, but if anyone else here know's this patch, perhaps you'll be able to find the problem quicker than i. Is KDEDIRS set to kde4? https://forums.opensuse.org/showthread.php/434158-D-bus-error Offline Pages: 1 Index »Applications & Desktop Environments »[SOLVED] k3b acting up Board footer Jump to Newbie Corner Installation Kernel & Hardware Applications & Desktop Environments Laptop Issues Networking, Server, and

This is a MAJOR bug. kdeinit4: (klauncher /opt/local/lib/kde4/libexec/klauncher) Pipe closed unexpectedlykdeinit4: Pipe closed unexpectedly: No such file or directory kdeinit4: (klauncher /opt/local/lib/kde4/libexec/klauncher) Pipe closed unexpectedlykdeinit4: Pipe closed unexpectedly: No such file or directory kdeinit4: (klauncher /opt/local/lib/kde4/libexec/klauncher) comment:9 in reply to: ↑ 8 Changed 6 years ago by nerdling (Nerdling) Replying to [email protected]…: And you did startup dbus? Any interested in this course of action instead?

comment:42 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… I have been waiting (patiently) for quite a while now for someone to say something, either here, on the KDE website, or somewhere else, https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=189263 Also, I should be the one to thank you for your time and patience. Replying to [email protected]…: Unfortunately things won't just downgrade and work there's no sense rolling back the version of the portfiles. Error when calling kdeinit_exec: The name org.kde.klauncher was not provided by any .service files A Click on the List of files gives me: The packages containing debug information for the following

DBUS work fine here : new-host-3:~ agnes$ ps -ax | grep dbus 52 ?? 0:00.02 /opt/local/bin/dbus-daemon --system --nofork 120 ?? 0:00.10 /opt/local/bin/dbus-daemon --nofork --session 67713 ttys002 0:00.00 grep dbus Gilles Caulier check my blog Any ideas where it comes from? The error when launching kcachegrind was 169017, fixed. Gilles Caulier comment:68 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… AHHH...

Select Articles, Forum, or Blog. comment:22 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… As all KDE 4.5.4 applications are currently broken, i recommend to trun priority of this file to "major". I have checked that the permissions are OK. http://jessriegel.com/klauncher-could/klauncher-could-not-be-reached-via-d-bus.html Comment 5 David Faure 2008-07-07 13:19:19 UTC Sounds like the kde3 klauncher is being started instead of the kde4 klauncher.

Yep, that's what David promised for the 4.6 version. Just downgrading dbus (and restarting the daemons of course) led to: Cannot find the D-Bus session server: "Failed to connect to socket /tmp/launch-eqFevK/unix_domain_listener: Connection refused" Unfortunately, recompiling kdelibs4 did not fix comment:31 in reply to: ↑ 29 ; follow-up: ↓ 33 Changed 6 years ago by nerdling (Nerdling) Replying to [email protected]…: Developers should know how to install older versions of Portfiles.

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Gilles Caulier comment:44 in reply to: ↑ 43 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… Replying to [email protected]…: Do you tried to contact someone in #kde-devel IRC chanel from irc.freenode.net server ? I have the same problem after updating for digikam 1.6. For example i tried this command : # sudo port install kdebase4 @4.5.3 ... I'm not done testing 4.5.5 yet but it'll be out soon.

I installed the full KDE set into a new installation of Lint17, i cannot run it as i wont start. and kdeinit4: (kded4 /opt/clean-slate/Applications/KDE4/kded4.app/Contents/MacOS/kded4) Pipe closed unexpectedlykdeinit4: Pipe closed unexpectedly: No such file or directory kdeinit4: Communication error with launcher. The patches I added were mostly namespace issues that have cropped into this version (and 4.6 release candidates). have a peek at these guys Format For Printing -XML -Clone This Bug -Top of page Home | New | Browse | Search | [?] | Reports | Requests | Help | NewAccount | Log In [x]

As KDE developper, (digiKam project), i confirm that all KDE applications work fine with 4.5.3. comment:17 in reply to: ↑ description Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… Replying to [email protected]…: Whenever I try to run a KDE application, that involves opening a file dialog, or when I The time now is 08:33 AM. When not during the download, what do you do with that RPM and where do you get that error.

comment:48 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… I agree. lippy Linux - Software 5 06-07-2003 11:06 PM HELP! comment:5 in reply to: ↑ 4 Changed 7 years ago by [email protected]… Replying to [email protected]…: Tanim: Let's see what you've got installed: port installed "kde*" Any chance you've got an x86_64? Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide This guide was created as an overview of the Linux Operating System, geared toward new users as an exploration tour and getting started

In case you've have 2nd thoughts about it, since a user might have wrong permissions from installation attempts in the past, then you might consider changing the wording from "will not BUG: 157853 M +1 -1 kate.desktop WebSVN link: http://websvn.kde.org/?view=rev&revision=829142 Comment 17 David Faure 2008-07-07 19:16:21 UTC On Monday 07 July 2008, Ivo Anjo wrote: > I went to systemsettings and added How and with which tool do you download that RPM file. Application may misbehave.

At home I get the same error and when I click ok Kde4 shuts down and restarts. I should mention the following error when I launch kile from the command line, /Applications/MacPorts/KDE4/kile.app/Contents/MacOS/kile kdeinit4: Aborting. Gilles Caulier comment:67 Changed 6 years ago by [email protected]… This is what's i can see on my macbook : pctv:~ agnes$ uname -a Darwin pctv.home 10.6.0 Darwin Kernel Version 10.6.0: Wed