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This method will return the empty string if it could not find a match in the lookup, and like load_from_file it accepts an optional second parameter that contains a lookup array. Sadly, this fails in both FF4 and Safari 5 (which seem to consider it a division). For questions/comments/suggestions/etc. I just ran into the same issue where I'd like to pass code into a template that has a parameter inside of my code tags.

Use the -trim option to prevent this behavior. --Dfaure April 02, 2009, at 06:21 AM What is the recommended way of changing colors? Of course with <div> you can not wrap lines if you please. Newlisp 07:17, 27 September 2009 (UTC) It's in current releases, thus the guys of the MW extension need to pull an updated GeSHi release and install it here. GeSHi provides ways of finding out if GeSHi itself found anything wrong with what you tried to do. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/Archive_2009

Mediawiki Source Lang

This directory is updated once in a while between updates whenever there's something new but which is already reasonably stable. After a while of editing, the problem appeared to be the use of strict mode (which in a previous version was not used by default). Since the main need is "C" code, I found it useful to have a default language. Download from the usual place, bug reports to the sf.net tracker please etc.

Look for this extension's name in Wikimedia's CommonSettings.php and InitialiseSettings.php configuration files to see where it's installed. This means slightly larger HTML output compared to GESHI_HEADER_PRE, but the output is valid HTML. $geshi->set_header_type(GESHI_HEADER_PRE_TABLE); Available since 1.0.8 Once again a <div> Styling[edit] If the displayed code is too big, you can adjust it by putting the following into the MediaWiki:Common.css page in your wiki (create it if it does not exist): /* Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Geshi Not Working XHTML compliant output: GeSHi produces XHTML compliant output, using stylesheets, so you need not worry about GeSHi ruining your claims to perfection in the standards department ;) Highly customisable: GeSHi allows

This solves the old issues of line number styles inheriting from styles meant for the code. Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Not Working How about adding a variable in config.php to control this? If your host does not allow you to add executables to your web directory, install python-pygments and add $wgPygmentizePath = pygmentize to LocalSettings.php. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_talk:GeSHiCodeTag After any change I made I commented out the require...

Voilà! Mediawiki Extension Wikieditor How can i force the code to show with LTR aliment. The -moz- prefix is required for Firefox (from version 4.0), and the -o- prefix is required for Opera (from version 10.60, and not required or accepted from version 15).[1] (Note that The easiest approach is using the <ol>-tag for generating the line numbers, but even though this is the easiest one there's a big drawback with this one when using

Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Not Working

Had to disable, refresh, enable the extension before it would work though -- 00:51, 15 February 2012 (UTC) Retrieved from "https://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Extension_talk:SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi/Archive_2011&oldid=1701275" Navigation menu Personal tools EnglishNot logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog in http://qbnz.com/highlighter/geshi-doc.html I tried [EDIT: deleted the wrong ones] (:source http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.txt :)
(:source http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.txt :) and only get empty code blocks. Mediawiki Source Lang Since the actual code is released under the JRL, I'll show simplified code here. Geshi Language List Before joining into $out, the $infos array is key sorted.

MichaelPaulukonis July 10, 2014, at 10:07 PM I'm getting the odd scenario where the getcode link is off-by-one. Checkout the homepage of CSS at http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS. 3.4.1 The Overall StylesPrevious | Top | Next The code outputted by GeSHi is either in a <div> or a <

In case all highlighting should be disabled or reenabled GeSHi provides two methods called disable_highlighting() and enable_highlighting($flag). It seems that all the right files are being included, given that if I add nonsense code into GeshiCodeTag.php I can get MW to give me errors... If GeSHi does NOT work for you in a particular version of PHP, let me know why and I'll fix it. 2.1.2 Downloading GeSHiPrevious | Top | Next There are several I suspect this will only be used to specify GESHI_CAPS_NO_CHANGE to turn off autocaps for languages like SQL and BASIC variants, like so: PHP code1 2$geshi = new GeSHi($source, 'sql'); $geshi->set_case_keywords(GESHI_CAPS_NO_CHANGE);

Given up. Syntaxhighlight_geshi Not Working Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. To extract GeSHi in Linux (.tar.gz): Open a shell cd to the directory where the archive lies Type tar -xzvf [filename] where [filename] is the name

are constants, so don't put them in strings!

And what is the cost for all of this? Until now, the "get code" feature fully relies on the way the page is built. And this has caused some problems here because we had a bunch of whatever tags along a lot of articles. Pages With Syntax Highlighting Errors Is this fixed already?

Note: There have been problems with inline styles and the Symbol Highlighting added in For example, you can set the border style/colour, any margins and padding etc. As of GeSHi internally a rewrite of htmlspecialchars is used due to a security flaw in that function that is unpatched in even the most recent PHP4 versions and If in doubt, check the edit history.

Although this does no longer explicitely require the charset it is required again as of GeSHi 1.0.8 to properly handle multi-byte characters (e.g. If you're familiar with HTML you'll know that whitespace is rendered "as is" by a <pre> element. Thanks for this nice extension User:jake4d No CSS Classname compatibility with geshi/contrib/cssgen.php In the Geshi Highlighter package, the /geshi/contrib has a script called cssgen.php that creates css class styles, but the So if you're making a language file, remember it should have a name in lower case.

If one source-block is present, the first block is off-by-one (eg, 2). There's no tricks involved. A: Hmm... By default, get_stylesheet() tries to echo the least amount of code possible.

Not using external stylesheet The documentation for GeSHi states: in particular, if you’re making a plugin for a forum/wiki/other system, using an external stylesheet is a good idea! Used the code change given there to resolve it. Error if i have inside the box.... // This is the original source from my XML file ...... // This is the Supported Languages: ABAP Actionscript ADA Apache Log AppleScript APT sources.list ASM (m68k) ASM (pic16) ASM (x86) ASM (z80) ASP AutoIT Backus-Naur form Bash Basic4GL BlitzBasic Brainfuck C C for Macs C#

ANYthing you have to say is fine, whether it be a query, congratulations, a bug report or complaint, I don't care! This release does introduce some minor changes into the parser improving the way numbers are highlighted and extending support for common number formats. At this stage there isn't an option to wrap the code in <code> tags (unless you use the function geshi_highlight), partly because of the inconsistent and unexpected ways stuff So, how do you get your hands on it? 2.1.1 RequirementsPrevious | Top | Next GeSHi requires the following to be installable: PHP.

For backwards-compatibility, an enclose="none" attribute results in the same behaviour.